Why PlanetiQ?

The need for global atmospheric data has never been greater, as extreme weather increases and the costs of natural hazards soar. At the same time, aging government satellites and a strained system for replacing them have set in motion an unprecedented loss of data just when we need it most.

PlanetiQ plans to launch the first commercial weather satellite constellation by 2017, augmenting government systems with a reliable supply of critical data, driving innovation, and lowering costs and risks for public and private customers worldwide.

PlanetIQ In the News

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The Benefits of Public-Private Partnership in Weather & Environmental Data Collection   |   Statement on COSMIC

Backed by 70+ years experience developing and flying state-of-the-art satellite and space systems.
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Data Products

Real-time atmospheric data for weather forecasting, climate monitoring and space weather prediction.
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GPS-RO 101
Radio Occultation data is among the top 5 contributors to forecast accuracy and the most cost-effective.
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GPS-RO data has demonstrated major forecast improvements for routine weather and extreme events.
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