Why PlanetiQ?

Because weather is the next commercial space frontier!

The need for dense, global atmospheric data has never been greater, as extreme weather increases and the costs of natural hazards soar. Yet an aging fleet of government satellites radically under-samples Earth’s atmosphere at present.

PlanetiQ will launch the first commercial weather satellite constellation by 2017, augmenting government systems with over 8 million observations per day of the highest quality, most cost-effective weather and climate data ever available.

PlanetIQ In the News

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The Benefits of Public-Private Partnership in Weather & Environmental Data Collection   |   Statement on COSMIC

Supported by partners with deep experience developing and flying innovative satellites and space systems.
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Data Products

Real-time atmospheric data for weather forecasting, climate monitoring and space weather prediction.
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GPS-RO 101
Radio Occultation data is among the top contributors to forecast accuracy and the most cost-effective.
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GPS-RO data has demonstrated major forecast improvements for routine weather and extreme events.
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